Corporate Volunteering

Since the year 2011 was declared the ‘European Year of Volunteering’ by the European Commission, Outdoor Misson has also specified new goals. Our company is one of the pioneers of community team building and corporate volunteering service providers, as we played a key role in the introduction of these type of services in Hungary. Although corporate volunteering has been getting a spreading practise of Hungarian companies for some time the interventions are still not integrated into business strategy and there is no delegated expectation towards output, returns and measurement. Our main role is to build a bridge and to harmonise the demand of for- and nonprofit  players, and to create their own program. These projects should be implemented by focusing on the interest of the community , while also integration into the strategy in line with HR goals should be considered.


Our team is expertised not just at the field of teamwork development but we are also educated in CSR in order to provide our clients, beneficiary and the community with added value and to realise the most benefits of a community service team building or a corporate volunteering program.


Outdoor Mission introduced in 2009 its CSR Train the trainer program, the first program in Hungary that educates participants how to organise and implement a community service team building program. In 2010 we conducted the first qualitative reserach to explore the extent to which leading Hungarian companies engage in corporate volunteering.


As result of community service team building programs:

  • strengthening co-operation;
  • getting closer to each other and development of open minded attitude;
  • growing loyalty, decreasing fluctuation;
  • a good topic to communicate towards any target audiences (stakeholders like customers, employees, share holders, local inhabitants, etc.);
  • common project that develops individual skills at the same time;
  • moving out from every day routine, while employees fill up and participate at a pleasant challenge.


Main areas of application of a community service module:

  • incentive outdoor program;
  • project management;
  • team building designed upon given specific goals;
  • leadership development;
  • propagation of general knowledge, development of individual skills
  • growing sensitivity towards community issues;
  • changing attitudes